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This is SACLÀB

Sartorial consultants of highly sought-after styles; we buy, restore, and sell luxury leather goods.

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Headquartered in Amsterdam and Munich since 2010, SACLÀB prides itself in the knowledge, care, and trade of top-tier leather goods. Our efforts include sourcing new, difficult-to-find, waiting-list bags, identifying and restoring those with signs of a former life, and offering fresh takes on timeless classics in the form of bespoke, handcrafted originals.

By restoring selected bags and finding new owners for these existing leather goods — made to stand the test of time — we hope to leave a positive mark on the world of fashion.


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How we work

Upon arrival at HQ, our consultants invest in each item, thoughtfully assigning grades in order to identify its needs. Keeping to a simple ethos, we only take on genuine items that have been verified through rigorous testing. Once they pass, our handbags can be shipped at your convenience.


Grading and authentication

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Classics Reborn at the Laboratory


Our exceptional artisans operate from highly-specialised laboratories throughout Europe. Each focuses on a single designer (Chanel, Hermes, Bottega Veneta), thus ensuring the highest standards for leather restoration. Pooling their knowledge of artisanal methods and contemporary techniques, they skilfully revive the leather by invisibly restoring signs of wear on leather and hardware.


The Lucky Few


For those looking to acquire a unique personality. Select models are handpicked for special treatment and transformed into one-of-a-kind art pieces. Our artisans work with advanced recolouring techniques and top-quality pigments.

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The virtues of ageing graciously

As we want you to enjoy your bag for years to come, we choose only the finest bags that are box-fresh or have only the slightest signs of wear — one of the many reasons we are meticulous about the designers we offer.


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