The Chanel Trendy CC: An Unexpected Icon

The Chanel Trendy CC: An Unexpected Icon

The Chanel Trendy CC Bag has made its mark since its grand debut on the Spring 2014 runway. Initially conceived as a seasonal piece, the bag sold almost instantly worldwide. Its return to the spotlight has hinted at a potential future as a staple bag in the illustrious Chanel collection. 
Text by Hagar Eita

Details & Design

Crafted with meticulous attention, the Chanel Trendy CC bag showcases either diamond or chevron quilted stitching. The former comes in two sizes of diamonds: smaller, like the Chanel Flap or larger, as seen on Chanel 19 bags. Which quilted design you’ll opt for entirely depends on preference; however, the bigger-sized bags favour the larger diamonds, ensuring a more harmonious and well-proportioned appearance. One season even brought us smooth-leathered Trendy CCs with no stitching if you prefer a sleeker look.

Comparison of the quilted patterns on Medium Trendy CCs in black: (1) small diamond quilting, (2) large diamond quilting, image: Bagista, (3) chevron quilting, and (4) no quilted design, image: 1stDibs.

Its spacious interior, divided into three compartments, features two large interwoven Cs stitched on the inside flap –a classic Chanel staple. The bag also has three open pockets and one zipped compartment. The back sports a discreet Mona Lisa pocket for essential cards and a classic Chanel turn-lock on the front. 

Chanel TrendyCC Medium Pink Inside  | Sell your designer bag on
Inside details on a Chanel Trendy CC Medium in Pink, sold on

The bag’s allure is heightened by its wide top handle, designed for comfort even when paired with bulkier attire. Its leather-metal chain that extends out of the bag offers versatility, allowing for shoulder or cross-body wear, blending style with practicality seamlessly.

The design element that makes this bag stand out from the Chanel Top Handle or Timeless Flap Bag is its signature metal Chanel plate on top, eliciting a luxurious flourish. Note that the hardware is quite delicate and may need protection from potential scratches.

The metal plate that makes the Trendy CC stand out among the Chanel lineup, sold on

New Models and Features

Recent iterations feature non-detachable straps, differing from previous versions that allowed for detachment. Internally, the bag boasts a luxurious full leather lining instead of canvas, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and tactile luxury.

Size Comparison

The Chanel Trendy CC bag comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The style is also interpreted in different variations, including a wallet-on-chain and a clutch with chain –great for a night out, a flap bag version without the top handle, and a bowling bag perfect for travel. 

Chanel Trendy CC Size Chart
Trendy CC Size
L x H x D Dimensions in Centimetres
Chanel Trendy CC Small 25 x 16 x 12 cm
Chanel Trendy CC Medium 30 x 19 x 12 cm
Chanel Trendy CC Large 33 x 24 x 16 cm
Chanel Trendy CC WOC 19 x 12 x 3.5 cm
Chanel Trendy CC CWC 11 x 11 x 5.5 cm
Chanel Trendy CC Bowling 26 x 17 x 15 cm

What fits in a Trendy CC

The smallest and most popular size, 25 x 16 x 12 cm, is still significantly larger than a small Chanel Flap Bag, which measures 23 x 14.5 x 6.5 cm. Perfect as your everyday companion, the small size will fit your essentials and more. Alongside your phone, the bag will fit a large wallet, a thin sunglasses case or sleeve, keys, several make-up articles, and a small perfume bottle. 

The medium size bears the same depth as the small Trendy yet is deceptively large with a similar capacity to that of a Classic Flap Jumbo. The largest size is less popular, as it transitions a bit less smoothly from day to night. But if you need a proper – but still fancy – office bag, the large size will fit a book or iPad alongside your bare necessities and more.


Chanel has made choosing leathers easier with this bag, as the Trendy CC is only available in lambskin. The luxurious leather of Chanel boasts a smooth texture but requires more care due to its susceptibility to scratches. Fortunately, most scratches can be buffed out with our leather care kit. If you use your Trendy CC daily, the leather will grow into her scratches over time, developing a lovely patina for extra character.

The choice between a scratch-resistant canvas interior lining and a heavier yet more luxurious black leather lining affects both durability and aesthetics. If you are inclined to the latter interior, we recommend investing in fabric liners so your keys and cards won’t scratch the material. 

Colours & Hardware

The Trendy CC comes in a variety of trendy and vibrant shades like pink, purple, and mint to the classic colours of Chanel such as black and grey. However, the availability of this range might not always be consistent. Chanel introduces a limited selection each season, making it uncertain to find a broad assortment readily accessible. 

Pink, blue, and black Trendy CCs, sold on
Colourful or Classic Trendy CCs, sold on

To ensure you find your desired options, check on the secondhand market or consult your sales associate for the currently available choices when making a purchase decision.

The hardware of this Chanel varies from model to model, depending on the style. The Trendy CC has been spotted with gold, silver, ruthenium, enamel and black hardware –leaving the choice entirely up to personal style and preference.

How to Style

The bag’s adaptability in styling spans from a neutral-toned dress with a subtle pop of colour in the bag, like this hot pink Trendy CC, to a smart-casual ensemble with a blazer and jeans. Alternatively, an all-black look elevates sophistication and is ideal for upscale dining or formal occasions. This black with pale gold hardware Trendy CC would be a perfect companion in this case.

Styled Trendy CC with jeans, heels and plaid blazer. Image: Brooklyn Blonde
Casually-styled Trendy CC. Image: Brooklyn Blonde


As mentioned, the limited production each season means that the Trendy CC might not consistently be found in-store. When turning to the re-loved market, the small size starts at around 5K, with the larger sizes adding around 1K to the price. 

The Trendy CC is significantly more expensive than the Coco Handle and the Chanel 19 and priced only marginally lower than the Classic Flap bags, making it a bit more of an accessible option while still embodying a similar style. However, it’s crucial to note that prices are subject to yearly increases, indicating a trend of rising costs over time.

Overall, this bag truly lives up to its name, emerging as a fashionable everyday accessory perfect for nights out or bustling days.

Discover your ideal Trendy CC in the colour and quilt pattern of your dreams!


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