SACLÀB offers a personal service to individuals looking to acquire or sell bags from the world’s most prominent designers. We seek to maintain an elevated standard for leather goods as set out by their original houses.

Hermes Birkin Gift Guide 2019 Saclab

The Birkin

Taking up to 40 hours of labour, each Birkin is handmade from start to finish in the Hermès ateliers.


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Dior Bags Gift Christmas Xmas Guide 2019


It was Princess Diana that made the label find new attention in the early 1990s. A testament to the exceptional savoir-faire at the Dior ateliers, the Lady Dior and many others are a continuation of Christian Dior’s legacy.


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Hermes Kelly Bag Gift Guide 2019 Saclab

The Kelly

The ever so simple, yet elegant, refined and functional bag suited for a modern-day individualist.



Chanel Bags Guift Guide 2019

The Chanel Bag

‘Fashion passes, style remains’ ­– and no place does this ring truer than Chanel.



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SACLÀB takes everything out of your hands – quite literally.

Whether you prefer to send us your bag or wish to arrange a concierge pick-up service, we will tailor the entire experience to suit your needs.

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