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Which Chanel Bag to Get: Annabel Rosendahl Weighs In

Which Chanel Bag to Get: Annabel Rosendahl Weighs In

Browsing for your next Chanel handbag, you may find yourself spoilt for choice. Especially the selection on the secondhand market offers a vast variety that might make you wonder - where should I start? That’s why we’ve asked Scandi influencer and styling expert Annabel Rosendahl to walk us through her fabulous collection. From her all-time favourite bag to her current Chanel crush, read on to get inspired.
Text by Leonie Görke

Meet Annabel’s “Family” of Chanel handbags 

Before diving into detail, here’s a round-up of Annabel’s wishlist-worthy collection of Chanel handbags – iconic shapes finished in unexpected textures, mood-boosting shades and logo-heavy prints. 

  • Chanel Classic Flap Bag Medium Lambskin Grey Bordeaux | SACLÀB
    A 2016 grey and bordeaux lambskin Flap Bag, found at SACLÀB
  • Chanel Jumbo Denim Grey Flap Bag 2020 Micro Belt Bag | Annabel Rosendahl
    A 2020 Chanel Timeless Jumbo Denim and Micro Belt Bag. Image: @annabelrosendahl
  • Chanel Red Chevron Chanel Flap Bag | Annabel Rosendahl
    A red Chevron-stitched Medium Flap Bag. Image: @annabelrosendahl
  • Chanel Medium Canvas Patchwork Chevron Flap Bag Cuba Cruise 2017 | Annabel Rosendahl
    A Medium Canvas Flap Bag from the 2017 Cuba Cruise Collection. Image: @annabelrosendahl
  • Chanel Sunset by the Sea orange Caviar Leather Flap Bag | Annabel Rosendahl
    A 2019 “Sunset by the Sea” orange ombre Flap Bag. Image: @annabelrosendahl
  • Chanel Patchwork Denim Flap Bag 2015 | Annabel Rosendahl
    A 2015 Chanel Patchwork Denim Classic Flap. Image: @annabelrosendahl

You have such a cool line-up of Chanel bags! Which one do you wear the most and why? 

Annabel: I wear my Chanel Paris-Dallas paisley printed Flap Bag in canvas the most. It is such an easy bag to mix and match for all seasons. I find it brings a bohemian vibe to a summer outfit and the camel coloured leather strap makes it perfect for my winter looks as well.

Chanel Handbag Texas Paisley Canvas Classic Flap Bag | Annabel Rosendahl
The Paisley-printed Chanel Flap Bag, a unique piece from the Pre-Fall 2014 Paris-Dallas collection. Image: @annabelrosendahl

Your collection is full of fun colours, patterns and materials, yet it also includes a classic black Timeless Flap Bag. Did you follow any strategy? 

A: No, I actually got my first black Classic Flap when I was 16 years old. I remember saving up for it after working the whole summer… Years later, I have been collecting for quite some time and a new family member has joined once every second year. It is never a strategy, I shop with my heart and always invest in the bags that I fall in love with. But I do try to avoid buying the same colour.

Chanel Handbag Collection | Annabel Rosendahl
A fashion-forward family portrait. Image: @annabelrosendahl

Chanel 19 vs. Classic Flap – which bag style do you prefer and why? 

A: The Classic Flap! It is definitely the most classic design, even in seasonal colours and textiles. I love the versatile shape of it. It is the perfect bag for travelling, a long stroll or going out for dinner. I also own a 19 bag but feel like one is enough for me and my collection.

Buying a second-hand Chanel bag

Do you recommend looking for a Chanel bag on the second-hand market? 

A: Definitely yes! In a world where everything is just a click away, I think a second-hand Chanel bag is something unique. You are able to get your hands on something that not everyone has and they can not just go into a store and buy the same. There are so many Chanel bags out there in great condition – some not even worn, waiting for their new owners.

Do you have any tips for buying Chanel bags pre-owned or vintage? 

A: My main advice for buying pre-owned or vintage is to buy from a trustworthy shop or online store that can guarantee that the bag you buy is authentic. Another tip is to keep following, as there may be new bags released every day, not only new bags that are released with seasons. It’s like a treasure hunt!

Which Chanel bag is next on your wishlist? Any colours, shapes, trends that you’ll be looking for in 2022? 

A: I would love a caviar leather Classic Flap in a colour, maybe yellow, green or baby blue. I have also for long been eying a Classic Flap in classic Chanel tweed material but need to find the perfect colour tones.

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