Why These Iconic Designer Handbags Will Never Go Out of Style

Why These Iconic Designer Handbags Will Never Go Out of Style

Fashion is constantly changing. Although trends come and go, several bag styles have stood the test of time and are proving to be still relevant in the world of today. Though new handbags are created every season, a true classic designer style has an irreplicable value through its history, exclusiveness and timelessness. A seasonless bag that you will own forever. Because building a wardrobe of timeless styles is always on-trend.
Text by Lara Oliveri

The relevance of vintage and pre-loved

With an iconic handbag comes history, and history and style combined are of great value. That’s why investing in a timeless vintage or pre-loved bag is not only a great addition to your personal wardrobe, but also a smart investment. Historically, iconic handbags have retained their value over time and in some instances even increased in value. The value of the Hermès Kelly Bag has increased by 129% in the last ten years, whereas the Chanel Flap Bag has risen by 132%, according to Art Market Research

The most coveted styles? From Chanel’s 2.55 and the Hermès Birkin Bag to the famous Lady Dior and newcomer Bottega Veneta’s Cassette bag, which is slowly making its way into the wardrobes of many fashion insiders as a true staple item. These are the most iconic designer handbags that will always remain in style, making them the perfect investment pieces to add to your wardrobe for years to come.  

Hermès Birkin

Maybe one of the most iconic handbags ever is the Hermès Birkin Bag – named after the British-born, Paris-based actress Jane Birkin. Although launched in 1984, it wasn’t until the late nineties that the Birkin bag became a true it-bag. Nearly forty years since its launch the bag is still one of the most iconic styles ever made. One of the most coveted models is part of the Himalaya collection. One with white gold hardware and diamond details was sold for 400,000 dollars – the most expensive handbag ever sold at an auction.

Chanel 2.55 

Coco Chanel did not only revolutionize fashion with her designs, but she was also one of the first designers to create a handbag to be worn over the shoulders with the now-famous chain straps. In the 1950’s she created the 2.55 bag named after the date of its creation: 2 for February and 55 for the year 1955. Recognized by its timeless rectangular shape and the so-called mademoiselle lock, it is still one of the most famous bags in fashion history to this day. 

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Hermès Kelly Bag

Slightly less well-known than the Birkin but certainly no less iconic is the Hermès Kelly Bag. Although named after Grace Kelly, the bag was originally created in 1923 and re-designed by then creative director Robert Dumas in 1935, who called it the Sac à dépêches. In the 1950s Grace Kelly was photographed with the bag, after which it became known as the Kelly Bag. However, it was not until 1977 that the bag officially got renamed. Characterized by its minimal and understated design, it is one of the most exclusive bags in the world. 

A bright-orange Hermès Kelly spotted in Paris

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

An iteration of the famous Chanel 2.55, the Chanel Classic Flap Bag is perhaps the most known bag of the French house. Introduced in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld, this style has the same practical rectangular shape but features the popular CC turn-lock and a leather-interwoven chain strap. Traditionally offered in lambskin or more textured leather known as Caviar, the Classic Flap is a true collector’s piece and has become one of the most popular bags of all time.  

Dior Saddle Bag 

The uniquely shaped Dior Saddle Bag is a relatively new style among the most classic bags but has proven its timelessness over the past two decades. After it was introduced in the late 1990s by Dior’s then creative director John Galliano it became the new it-bag for quite some years. The style temporarily disappeared from the fashion scene, but after it made its glorious return in 2018 under the direction of Maria Grazia Chiuri, it has been popular ever since.

Lady Dior 

The renowned Lady Dior bag was named after the late Lady Diana after she first wore the style of one of her favourite labels in 1995. Almost 25 years later, the handbag has never stopped being in fashion and is therefore still one of the most coveted bags today. Its timelessness lies in the easiness and minimal shape and style of the bag. The playful details of the metallic charms that fall from the strap were inspired by the lucky charms Christian Dior himself loved and gives the bag an unexpected twist. 

Influencer Leonie Hanne with a bright-pink Lady Dior

Gucci 1955 Horsebit

One of Gucci’s most iconic bags was created in 1955 when the Gucci family was still at the helm of the Italian fashion house. The so-called horsebit emblem – which now has become synonymous with Gucci – is based on details from the equestrian world, and was first shown on the now-famous Gucci loafers before it was featured on bags. The handbag has been re-released under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele in 2019 and proves its relevance is still accurate in 2022. 

Gucci Horsebit Shoulder Bag Brown
A reissued 1955 Gucci Horsebit bag

Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

Although relatively new, this bag is slowly becoming a truly iconic style. With its characteristic softly geometric shape, the Cassette bag is the new it-bag amongst the fashion community. The style of the Cassette is based on the Intrecciato weave design, a pattern that the Italian fashion house is widely known for. The balanced mix of practicality and minimal elegance is why this bag is undoubtedly on its way to becoming a classic staple piece for years to come. 

Botteg veneta cassette bag light blue
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Louis Vuitton Monogram Bags

The French house of Louis Vuitton is mostly known for its famous LV monogram, a pattern that was designed by Louis Vuitton’s son Georges Vuitton as an ode to his father. The interlocking L and V were created in 1896 and have been featured on the brand’s leather goods ever since, becoming one of the most recognizable monograms in the world. Featured on their most famous bag styles like the Louis Vuitton Speedy and the Louis Vuitton Keepall, Louis Vuitton Monogram bags are here to stay. 

Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt Bag
A Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt Bag

Wish to invest in a timeless piece? Let us know what is on your WHISHLIST and we will find the bag that will make your heart beat faster.


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