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Terms and conditions for the commission sale

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Saclàb Verwaltungs GmbH (‘General Terms & Conditions’), the following special terms and conditions (‘Terms & Conditions for the commission sale’) apply.

1. Contractual partner, formation of contract

The contract is concluded with Saclàb Verwaltungs GmbH (afterwards referred to as ‘Consignor’).

The contract is formed by accepting the general Terms & Conditions of the consignment sale by the owner of the product (afterwards referred to as ‘Consignee’).

2. Subject of the commission sale

Consignor and Consignee agree on a selling price of the good on commission, as well as on a payout price for the consignee before creating the contract. The payout price depends on the applying commission rate based on the selling price (s. 6.). Shipping costs of 50€ will be added to the agreed-on selling price and will be excluded from the contract. The Consignee guarantees that he / she is the rightful owner of the goods handed over to the Consignor.

3. Length of the Agreement

The agreement is valid until further notice, however at least 30 days. Each party has the right to terminate the agreement with a two weeks notice. A termination by the Consignee shall be in written form to [email protected].

It is the duty of the Consignor to return all goods that are still in the possession of the Consignor to the Consignee once the agreement is terminated. 

4. Storage and Insurance

The consigned goods remain with the Consignor until the items are sold or the agreement is terminated. The Consignor is liable for any damages, theft, pilferage and non-delivery and is required to have all goods insured. 

The commission goods remain under the care of the Consignor at least for one month after the arrival and can then be reclaimed by the Consignee.

5. Duties of the Consignor

The Consignor sells the goods through its company SACLÀB. The goods will only be handed over to any buyer if a full payment is completed. 

The Consignor will not sell below the agreed upon price.

The Consignor shall not reveal the identity of the Consignee and protect his / her privacy. 

6. Commission

The Consignor receives a provision fee on the net selling price as a commission. The provision fee will be:

  • 25% of the selling price for a bag worth up to €3,050.
  • 20% of the selling price for a bag worth €3,051 – €15,050.
  • 16% of the selling price for a bag worth more than €15,050.

*Please note that a fee of €50 is deducted from the final sale price for operation costs before the payout is calculated

There is no commission due if the transaction is not completed. This also includes the buyer’s right of returning the item in the period of time as stated in SACLÀB’s Terms & Condition.

The Consignor shall transfer the funds of the good, less the commission stated, as well as the shipping costs that are excluded from the contract, latest within 10 working days after the buyers right of return expired.

7. Liability

The Consignor is liable as long as the goods are stored at SACLÀB or transported to / from SACLÀB.  

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